10 Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

1) Use Hypnosis

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Thousands of people have used hypnosis through the years to lose weight naturally and easily simply by tapping into their unconscious mind and changing old patterns of behaviour. By seeing a trained hypnotherapist or using self hypnosis you can alter the way that you think, feel and behave. A trained hypnotherapist will work with you to help you understand why you behave in a negative way around food. Once they have discovered the reason for the old behaviour they work with you to change your mindset.

Alternatively you can use self hypnosis for weight loss and the simplest way to achieve this is by purchasing a Weight Loss Download to help you relax and drift into that trance like state. A good Weight Loss mp3 will give you suggestions for positive change. With regular practice this can help you to alter the way in which you choose to eat.

2) Practice Mindfulness

Mindful Eating Mindfulness is a huge deal at the moment and used from everyone from Doctors and Therapists to improve the well being of their patients. Essentially it is a practice which revolves around living in the moment. When Mindful Eating is used by people with issues relating to overeating it forces them to concentrate on exactly what is being placed in their mouth. That means concentrating on the quality of the food, the tastes and textures and of course feelings of hunger and fullness.

Our relationship with food has radically changed over the last 100 years. Once upon a time we would eat our meals only when we were hungry and without any distractions. Now most of the Western World has access to cheap food 24/7 which means that many of us continue to graze even when we are not hungry. Then when we eat we pay no attention to what is on our plate because we are too distracted doing other things. Learn how to eat mindfully and suddenly you will find that your weight reduces naturally without the need for faddy diets but simply because you are now listening to what your body is telling you.

3) Visualisation

positive visualisation london weight loss hypnotherapyIf you were unaware many of the top sports professionals use this technique to help them beat their competition. They will get into a zone of concentration where they completely focus on the task at hand and imagine themselves succeeding at their chosen sport. In fact they often break down every element of their performance and imagine that each part works perfectly so that they reach their goals.

Having a great Weight Loss Mindset is hugely important if you want to succeed especially when it comes to losing weight. This is because negative thinking always leads to negative results. For example you ate a chocolate and so you beat yourself up at failing to stick to your diet. You then tell yourself you may as well eat more as that is obviously the way that thinks are always going to be. Change that thought to one which says that the chocolate is not a problem and that you can easily get back on track and the way you react completely changes. Continue to practice this positive way of thinking and the pounds will be falling off you.

4) Relax

canstockphoto19750381When we are stressed, anxious or worried we feel out of control and are simply not thinking in a rational manner. The more stressed you are the more you will find yourself reaching out for foods to help comfort or calm you down. Sugar for example is often eaten by people who feel stressed but equally the food can be any processed junk. In fact when we treat people with binge eating disorder or bulimia we often find that stress and anxiety underpins the problem. The more stressed they are the more they eat. This creates a feeling of being out of control which stresses them even more and before you know it another binge starts creating a vicious cycle.

Our modern day life can be hectic especially when you are juggling the demands of a job and a family. Electronic devices mean that you are in contact with people almost every waking hour which means that there is barely time to switch off.  This means that you need to take time out for

5) Drink More Water

London Weight loss hypnotherapyIt is well known that many people mistake thirst for hunger. Drinking water throughout the day can help you to stay hydrated and to help increase your feeling of fullness. Substitute other drinks such as coffee or fizzy drinks with water and you will be saving calories as well. If you drink a glass of water before each meal it also helps you to consume less calories which means that you will be able to lose weight more quickly.

Drinking cold water also gives a small boost to your metabolism. Experts believe that your metabolism rises by approximately 3% when you drink cold water. It may not seem much but every little helps.

6) A Little of What you Fancy Does You Good

canstockphoto15029571Many dieters make the common mistake of cutting out things that they enjoy eating from their diet. So they may decide that they are not going to eat carbs, bread or chocolate. Instead they resolve to survive on salads, soups or even liquid diets to get to their goals. Now of course in the short term this will work. Restrict your calories significantly and you will lose weight. The problem is that in most cases this is not sustainable in the long term. You are much better off learning to control your portion sizes and eating better quality foods so that you do not feel deprived. For example a small amount of very high quality chocolate will help you to feel satisfied without the deprivation. Believe it or not chocolate can be your weight loss friend providing you are not eating bars at a time.

7) Get More Sleep

canstockphoto5247912When you are feeling tired and sleep deprived we instantly want to reach out for something that will give us the energy to get through the day. The problem is that many of us choose the worst possible foods to give us that quick energy bust. How many of you have reached our for cookies or something sweet to try and give you the boost you need to get through the day? Doing this once in a while isn’t really the problem it is when it becomes a sustained problem. Perhaps you are working later than you should and the stress is preventing you from getting the sleep you need. Or you are going out late on a regular basis and trying to burn the candle at both ends. Ultimately when this is happening regularly you need to make lifestyle changes so that the odd treat does not become a regular habit.

8) Do More Exercise

weight loss hypnosisThis is an obvious way to help shed the pounds but a necessity if you have a sedentary job which involves you sitting down all day. Many people assume that when it comes to exercise they need to be sweating down the gym day in and day out but the reality is incorporating activity into your day to day activities is much more sustainable. So walking to the shops instead of taking the car would help. Or getting off the bus a couple of stops early, taking the stairs or simply finding time for a walk at lunch time would all help you to burn more calories. Walk at a fast pace and you could be burning off up to 100 calories in half an hour. Over a week that is 700 calories and over a month 2,800!

9) Cut out Processed Food

Stop eating processed foodWhen you are eating processed or fast food you have no real comprehension of what exactly you are putting in to your body. You see a ready meal but you don’t see the fat, sugar and high levels of salt that are contained within it. When you head to your local takeaway how many of you take the time to think about the component parts that are in your meal? Generally the meat will be cheap and low quality. The food may be fried or be carb or fat heavy.

Cook something for yourself from scratch and you know exactly what is going into your body. Now there are thousands of recipes online that will allow you to cook alternatives to these kinds of meals which will be lighter and fresher and altogether healthier for your body. A small amount of processed food will not kill you but when eaten on a regular basis it will make you pile on the pounds.

10) Make Small Sustainable Changes

weight loss hypnotherapyOne of the biggest issues I see with my clients is they take an all or nothing approach to weight loss. They are impatient to lose the pounds so go on an extreme faddy diet in order to shed the pounds. Now they may be able to keep that diet up for a week, a month or even longer but there will come a point where they feel deprived and bored. They reach out for a food that they have been restricting and the next thing they know they can’t stop eating it. This is when the yo-yo dieting starts. They eat too much and feel bad about themselves as they pile on the pounds. They restrict their diet and they shed them again. Then they give in to temptation once more and the whole cycle happens again.

The key to losing weight is to make small changes that you know are going to be relatively easy to maintain in the long term. Walking a bit more, eating a bit less processed food, cutting out too much alcohol. The key is to get a balanced relationship with food. Do that and you will find that the pounds will slowly start to disappear.