Binge Eating Disorder – Monica Seles

Binge eating disorder is very rarely discussed in the media but it has been interesting to see that in the past couple of days Monica Seles a former top tennis player has been discussing her battle with the problem for over ten years. On Good Morning America Monica admitted that she had suffered with the problem following the incident where she had been stabbed on the tennis court. Although the wound she suffered was not life threatening it created a huge psychological impact and started the binge eating behaviour.

From our work with binge eating disorder we know that in many cases anxiety and stress will fuel the problem and it appears that Monica felt that these factors were huge contributors to her behaviour. In particular she felt that stress in her work or in her private life created the problem. The eating disorder made her feel ashamed and guilty at what she was doing but she felt unable to stop. This is not uncommon and many of our clients report that they have similar issues.

Hypnotherapy for binge eating can be extremely successful at helping to control the problem because it helps to firstly deal with the feelings of stress and anxiety. These two emotions fuel not only binge eating but in many cases another eating disorder bulimia as well. By regular practice of deep relaxation techniques which you find in hypnosis you are able to to start to reduce both of these emotions. As well practicing this in sessions our clients are also given an audio to take away with them so that they can use these techniques every day at home.

One we have managed to help you feel calmer many people report that their binges begin to lessen and in many cases stop. This is because when you are less on edge you no longer need the food to cope with the horrible feelings. When we have reached this stage our hypnotherapy for binge eating then works to find out the root cause of your problem. Monica had a very obvious trigger for her issues but in most cases people will not know why they have a problem. Under hypnosis we begin to work on analytical hypnosis to find out where the problem started.

Understanding why you have a problem is important because it helps you to understand exactly what your triggers are. Just some of the reasons that we have seen in our clinics include:

  • Perfectionism
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Having an unhealthy relationship with food (overly restricting calories and then having a compulsion to overeat)

Once we are aware of what your triggers are we work with you to resolve or control the underlying issues. So that might be making sure that regular anxiety and stress reduction is placed into your routine so that you never feel out of control. Alternatively we may find out why you are being so hard on yourself by thinking that you need to be perfect. When we understand where that issue comes from we help you to overcome that thought so that at times you can allow yourself to relax.

Hypnotherapy for binge eating disorder can help to change your relationship with food. Don’t allow yourself to suffer like Monica did for ten years. Get professional help and start to tackle your issues today.