Gastric Band Surgery – Miracle or Mirage?

There is an incredibly interesting article in The Independent today discussing Gastric Band Surgery and whether it really can help people to lose weight in the long term. To read the entire article click here. The article is well thought out and considered but is summed up right at the end by the following words:

“It’s a fallacy that these operations are permanent and they work for ever,” Somers says. “Because over time, the operation fades and becomes tired and your body’s natural mechanism starts to work again. Our bodies have a great propensity for figuring out what we’ve done to them surgically and reversing that. None of these operations is going to make  you normal.”

In other words no matter what you are told by the surgery clinics that have sprung up across the UK it is not a permanent fix!

At London Weight Loss Hypnotherapy we understand that there is no miracle cure to weight loss as it is an incredibly complex area that involves emotional as well as physical issues. A gastric band operation only tackles the physical aspect of the problem but at no stage does it deal with what may be going on in a persons head.

In recent years private surgical clinics have opened up across the country and have sold the Gastric Band and Bypass as a wonder cure for obesity but it simply is not that simple. The sad reality is that hardly any of these clinics do a proper psychological evaluation before any surgery takes place. Then once the operation is over there is hardly any follow up with their clients. Initially the individual who has had surgery may find that they have been losing weight but over a period of a couple of years a significant number of people who have had the operation end up losing nothing or putting the weight back on again.

Think about it. You have paid £10,000 for an operation and you have got exactly nowhere. In some cases you may be considerably worse off as the operation is dangerous and can create serious problems down the line. Wouldn’t you be mad?

There is no wonder cure for weight loss but if we understand one thing about losing weight it is that your head needs to be in the right place. When your mind is focused you have a better chance of success. When you understand the reasons why you may be having the problem then you have a better chance of putting in place strategies to change your behaviour. None of these things can be done through surgery alone.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help change the way that you think about food. It can even help to trick your subconscious into believing it has had a gastric band fitted without any surgery at all. Hypnosis can help with comfort eating, sugar addiction, binge eating and many forms of emotional eating. Give us a call and we will be happy to tell you how changing the way your mind can make a world of difference to many people without the need for expensive or costly surgery