Hypnotherapy for Food Addiction London

At our clinics we are frequently told my clients that they have a food addiction which is why we created a special Hypnotherapy for Food Addiction London program. Generally it takes place over three to five sessions and works with you to understand the reasons for your food cravings and helps you to bring them back under control.

Typically people presenting with food addiction appear to be addicted to foods that are either high in sugar, carbs or fats. So typically we might find that a client desperately wants to give up chocolate, biscuits, bread or even crisps or takeaways. On occasion we also get individuals who want to step away from the drinks such as coke because they are drinking numerous cans of each day.

What Creates Food Addiction?

Typically many of our cravings for food are set up in early childhood. So if you were given sweets as a reward as a child then you may find that this becomes an ingrained habit. Before you know it as an adult you are rewarding yourself every day. If you finish a piece of work you may reach for the chocolate, if you had to endure an arduous meeting you have a biscuit and so on. Sometimes the reasons are more complex. Food can be tied up with safety, reward, anxiety reduction, energy boosts, self punishment and even happy associations. When you understand what your problem is it can be much easier to control the problem.

Food Addiction Help London

At our clinics we work with people daily who would describe themselves as food addicts. Generally in our first session we take a thorough assessment of your problem and then conduct a session of suggestion hypnosis to get you used to the idea of hypnosis and to give your subconscious suggestions that it is taking back control. When this first session has been completed we will send you away with an audio to listen to and arrange a further appointment one to two weeks later. By listening to the audio you are reinforcing positive suggestions and also getting your mind practicing self hypnosis daily. This means that by the time you come in for your second session you will be going significantly deeper relaxed.

During our subsequent sessions work will begin on determining where your problem may have come from. Our Hypnotherapy for Food Addiction London sessions will generally become much more interactive at this point and you will be conversing with your hypnotherapist under hypnosis. Please note that you will be fully aware of what you are telling us just nicely relaxed which means that your memory improves and you are more readily able to drift back in your mind to find the source of your problems.

Once we understand the reason why your addiction may be there we then begin work on changing the way that your mind thinks about this problem. That means educating your subconscious and changing old behaviours which no longer have any use to you as an adult. The work that we do on our hypnosis for food addiction sessions is a very in-depth form of therapy that generally gets to the very heart of why you may have a problem. As well as working with food addiction our clinic also offers hypnosis for sugar addiction, binge eating, portion control and general weight loss.

Booking Your Food Addiction Hypnotherapy Sessions

If you would like to find out more about our Hypnotherapy for Food Addiction London program then please contact us today on 020 8351 2744 for more details. We are always happy to give our clients a free telephone consultation where we will be happy to answer all your questions.