New Clinic – Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Nottinghamshire

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy NottinghamWe are pleased to announce that we our clinic has now expanded into the East Midlands with clinics in Nottingham and Newark-on-Trent. Sessions are available immediately in both areas for all our weight loss hypnotherapy services including Gastric Band Hypnosis. Our clinics in Nottinghamshire also offer a full range of hypnosis services and for full details you can look at our sister website Balance Hypnotherapy Nottingam.

Our new clinics are based in three locations in Nottinghamshire including:

The Bay Therapy Centre

21 Trent Boulevard

Lady Bay

West Bridgford


This clinic is based in a complimentary health centre which is right in the heart of West Bridgford. There is plenty of available parking in the streets surrounding the centre.

We also have a clinic based in The Park in Central Nottingham.

6 Cavendish Crescent North

The Park



The Park is a beautiful exclusive gated area near Nottingham castle and is peaceful and relaxing setting.

Finally we also have a clinic based just outside Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire. This clinic is based in a village called Farndon and has private parking directly outside. The address is:

36 Main Street



NG24  3SA

What Our Clinics Can do for You

At our clinics we work with our clients using analytical hypnosis to understand why our clients may have a problem. Many people are unaware of the reasons why they overeat, crave sugar or binge on unhealthy foods. They think of themselves as greedy or lazy or just say that “they love food”. The reality however is that in many cases something happened to trigger the over eating. Perhaps when they were young their parents got divorced and the stress and the rows in the house upset the child so they turned to food to cope. Or when you were a child your father worked away from home all the time. When he would return you would get fuss and attention and he would bring you sweets to compensate for his absence. When your father left again you missed him but knew that sweets could partially recreate the feeling of his love. These are just a few of the examples that we see with our clients every single day.

Many of our patterns and behaviours are set up when we are young. They served a purpose at that time but now those eating behaviours are making you put on weight. We work with you to identify where possible why you began to eat this way and then help you to move forward into new more controlled eating patterns. We are therefore trying to separate emotions from the need for food.

If you would like to find out more about our methods or would like to book a session with us simply give us a call on our Nottingham number for more details:

01636 650 521