New Year Weight Loss Hypnosis in London –

It is coming up to Xmas and we all know that is the time of the year when people overeat and drink far too much. Whereas your eating patterns may not have been perfect for most of the year they can become out of control when faced with Xmas parties and social gatherings. The next thing you know it is New Years Eve, your waistline has expanded and you are making resolutions to lose the weight again in January. Some of you may have faced this cycle every year but with our New Year weight loss hypnosis in London you can resolve to make real changes in 2015.

Now at our clinics in Harley Street and North London we never make rash promises to you or pretend that we are miracle workers and that the weight will drop off in seconds. Anyone promising you astounding results in just one session is I’m afraid generally selling you a miracle that doesn’t exist. As serious therapists our New Year weight loss hypnosis in London revolves around understanding why you overeat and then giving you strategies to help change your habits and behaviours.

We never use just suggestion hypnosis! This form of hypnosis is the kind where the therapist talks at you for the whole session and tells you that everything will be different by the end because of those suggestions. Well of course they won’t. Why? Because if part of your mind does not like the suggestions it is getting it will continue to do the same behaviour even if consciously you want things to change. Instead we use a much deeper form of analytical therapy that is interactive and allows us to work with you to find out the deeper reasons why you may be eating so much. As we tell our clients suggestion hypnosis only works well for some people some of the time.

Our Weight Loss Hypnosis in London is different because we get to understand the emotional reasons for your eating patterns. Are you using food to help with anxiety or stress? Has that overeating been helping you deal with sadness or anger? Or have you associated that food with a happy situation and have got stuck in a rut eating that food continually to recreate those happy feelings? We never know where our clients will take us. Every client that we see has a completely different background and story and this unfolds during each session.

If you are thinking about New Year weight loss hypnosis in London and want to try a totally different approach then please give us a call. We are happy to talk to you in more detail about our services so that you feel comfortable about the therapy that we use. We can be reached on 020 8351 2744 for more details.