Gastric Band Hypnotherapy mp3

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy MP3


Gastric Band Hypnotherapy MP3 Download. Available to purchase now. See below for product details.

Product Description

Our Professionally produced Gastric Band Hypnotherapy mp3 download enables you to utilise self hypnosis to control your eating habits. Through the use of self hypnosis you are guided through weight loss suggestions as well as a virtual operation to help you control your overeating. The audio will assist you to concentrate on exactly when your stomach is feeling a physical hunger and when there is an emotional hunger.*

Self hypnosis is a form of deep and concentrated relaxation which can help you to feel calm and tranquil. When you are in a state of self hypnosis your subconscious is more suggestible and therefore the positive suggestions from the audio can help you with your weight loss journey.*

By listening to this Gastric Band Hypnotherapy mp3 daily you are training your mind to recognise when your stomach is full which can help to reduce your portion sizes. This audio also gives subconscious messages which can assist you in reducing any emotional eating and take back control. Over time these messages are helping you to increase your motivation and willpower.*

Often we mistake emotions for hunger. Instead of resolving the underlying emotion we reach out for food as a quick fix. That food is only a momentary distraction and cannot be resolved with food. This Gastric Band Hypnotherapy mp3 download helps you to retrain your thoughts so that your subconscious thinks you have a smaller stomach. When you believe that your stomach is smaller it helps you to reduce your portion sizes.*

Included in the audio is a virtual operation to trick the subconscious. This takes you through the process of having a gastric band fitted. By using your visualisation skills your are tricking your mind into believing that your stomach is significantly smaller.*

In order to get the full benefit of this Hypnosis Audio listen to this audio at the time of day where you would normally eat too much. For example in the evening before dinner. The audio should be listened to daily for a minimum of 21 days. You can choose to listen to the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy mp3 every day until you achieve your desired weight loss.*

Disclaimer* Please note that as these audios are not tailored to each individual we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

Please note that this audio is not linked in any way with the Hypno-Band protocol which involves much deeper therapeutic client interventions in personal one to one sessions.

This audio forms one quarter of the full treatment protocol. For best results it must be combined with the following:

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