Ulimate Weight Loss Program

Ultimate Weight Loss Program


Product Description

For great weight loss results then why not purchase our ultimate weight loss program. This selection of audios has been designed to guide you through your weight loss journey so that you are able to shed the pounds quickly and easily. Purchase our complete weight loss audio set and get a discount on our normal prices.*

Weight Loss Program


This four part weight loss audio set is designed to help you overcome the most common problems that are experienced when you start a healthy eating regime. We recommend that these audios are listened to in the following order:

Before commencing your weight loss regime start by listening to our Weight Loss Mindset download for at least seven days. This is designed to get your mind to focus on your new eating regime. With suggestions for motivation and increased willpower it will help you to feel enthusiastic about your new way of eating meaning that your weight loss program gets off to a flying start.*

Next use our portion control hypnosis audio so that you can learn the art of mindful eating. When you know how to use this technique you will find that you eat significantly less and feel much quicker than ever before. Many of our clients who use this method of eating report that they are no longer able to eat from large dinner plates and instead use side plates for their meals. Using this method will help you to shed the pounds easily as there is no diet involved just smaller portion sizes of normal food.*

If you feel a food craving strike then this is when we recommend you use our Kill Food Cravings mp3. In this audio we give you techniques to learn how to control these cravings. Once you are able to exercise this self control it will become easier and easier for you to resist fattening unhealthy food and replace is with something that is much healthier instead.*

Finally finish off with our self hypnosis for weight loss audio. This audio uses positive suggestion and visualisation to help you on your weight loss program. It can help you to recognise when you are eating emotionally and to understand the triggers which make you want to eat when you are not hungry. Once you recognise these triggers you are able to put in place new positive behaviours which do not involve eating. Purchase our Ultimate Weight Loss Program today and kick start your healthy eating regime today.*

Disclaimer* Please note that as these audios are not tailored to each individual we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.