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Before embarking on any health eating program or diet it is essential that your mind is in the right place before you start. Attempting to lose weight when you lack commitment and motivation means that you are doomed to failure even before you begin. This is why we have created our Weight Loss Mindset mp3 Download to get you in the weight loss mind zone before beginning your new regime.*

Our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy audio is designed to be used for a week or so before embarking on any new diet or weight loss program. It will help you to build your motivation and willpower whilst reducing any negative self talk which may have prevented you from losing weight before. We recommend that this audio is listened to daily in the lead up to your weight loss program. When you are ready to begin then you should then start listening to a combination of our other audios to help you get results.*

Combine our Weight Loss Mindset mp3 Download with our Portion Control audio to get help with reducing the amount that you need to eat.  Now you have a powerful way of not only getting your mind into the weight loss zone but also of reinforcing the message that you do not need to eat the same portion sizes that you ate before.*

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If you believe you are a comfort eater then you can also add in our Comfort Eating mp3 Download to get even stronger results.

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Alternatively if you would like general weight loss suggestions then add in our Weight Loss mp3 Download to your cart.

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Finally why not use our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Audio to reinforce the messages further.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy mp3buy nowDisclaimer* Please note that as these audios are not tailored to each individual we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.