Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss – How Our Audios Can Help You Shed the Pounds

Self Hypnosis for Weight LossSelf Hypnosis for Weight Loss is a brilliant way of  losing weight and best of all it doesn’t cost very much and can be done quickly and easily at home. We sell all kinds of weight loss downloads and have lots of satisfied customers who believe that they have helped them to alter their lifestyle. Want to know how it can help you to lose weight? Here are 10 reasons why self hypnosis is an essential element to your weight loss diet.


1) Natural Weight Loss – Self hypnosis for weight loss does not involve fad diets, diet pills or expensive supplements. Instead you are using the power of your mind to alter the way that you think about food. Therefore in comparison to most other diets it is very cheap and does not mess with your metabolism or pump your body full of chemicals.

2) Relaxation – Many people are unaware that when they are stressed and anxious their food intake rises. When we see people for binge eating or bulimia one of the first things we ask about is whether they suffer from anxiety. By taking time out every day to purely do nothing and enter into a deep state of hypnosis you are significantly reducing your stress levels. That means that you can cope with day to day worries much more simply and easily than before. It also means that you will be more controlled around food.

3) Positive Suggestion – When you listen to our Weight Loss audios you do not hear us bombarding you with doubt and negativity. Instead you are given powerful positive suggestions which can make you flooded with good feelings. These positive thoughts are designed to take your mind away from any negative thinking which may be preventing you from reaching your goal. The more you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones the more likely you are to create action in a better direction.

4) Visualisation – Self hypnosis for weight loss uses the power of visualisation. In other words helping you to see yourself thinner, healthier and fitter than before.  When we create these powerful new images in your mind your subconscious will have a great desire to look that way. Think this sounds strange. Well nearly every great sports personality in the world uses this technique. They imagine themselves running faster, scoring goals easier, jumping higher than before or throwing a ball quicker and harder. Check out this article on Tiger Woods and how he uses self hypnosis to improve his golf game. If it is makes a difference to them then think what it can do for you.

5) Taking Time Out to Reflect – Many of us overeat but never really think about why we are doing it. When you are in hypnosis all outside distractions fade away allowing you to really reflect on where your problem began and what triggers you to continue the same behaviour. When you are in hypnosis mind starts to present you with memories, thoughts and feelings which may have everything to do with your problem.  This will allow you to start joining the dots and understanding the emotions that are leading you to overeat.

6) Stop Food Cravings – If you feel a food craving strike then this is a great time to utilise self hypnosis. Take some time out before giving in to the craving and imagine yourself feeling strong, powerful and resisting the urge to eat something that you know you don’t eat. When you exercise your mind in this way you will become better and better at resisting that temptation. We have a great stop food cravings self hypnosis that can really help you to banish those old feelings.

7) Increased Motivation – We have all had those moments where we want to lounge on the sofa and not do anything but if you want to lose weight it does take some effort. Using motivation hypnosis audios to help you get over these blockages so that you are spurred into action can really help you to take action to lose weight. See yourself exercising, walking, buying healthier food and it is more likely to become a reality.

8) Two for the Price of One – Many of our self hypnosis downloads use other techniques to help you lose weight. For example our Portion Control mp3 helps you to learn mindful eating. Mindfulness when it comes to eating really makes you focus on your food choices and the way in which you eat. Used properly it can help you to eat significantly smaller portion sizes and increase feelings of fullness.

9) Practice Makes Perfect – Do not expect to listen to a weight loss mp3 and instantly lose weight after just one listen. You need to regularly listen to the audios to get the benefit of the suggestions. Even better listen to the audios regularly at the time of day when you would normally overeat and you will find that the hypnotic “nag” in your head will help you to eat less over time.

10) Taking Self Hypnosis to The Next Level – Once you have learned how to get yourself into a state of hypnosis it is possible to communicate with your subconscious to understand what it is trying to do for you. Remember your subconscious is usually try to help you in some way by overeating. It is trying to make you feel better. Work out why it is doing it and you can persuade it to change as that method of dealing with a problem is usually no longer valid in your current life. For example perhaps your parents divorced when you were young and you used food as a way of coping with the stress of the situation. At that time food helped you to feel calmer but twenty years later your subconscious has continued to use the same behaviour even though you have now got over the divorce. If you can instruct your subconscious to alter the way it eats then suddenly your food choices will change dramatically without any effort at all. Wikihow has a great step by step process for getting into self hypnosis and doing this technique.

Want to try self hypnosis for weight loss for yourself? Head on over to our downloads shop and choose the best weight loss audios to suit your problem.