Stop Sugar Addiction – Why you need help to give it up.

There is a very interesting article in The Daily Mail today which discusses exactly why so many people find it so difficult to reduce the amount of sugar that they consume in their diets. In particular scientists have now discovered that eating too much sugar is almost as addictive as a drug. When you try to give it up you get the same cravings and withdrawal symptoms as many addicts get. This is not news to us at London Weight Loss Hypnotherapy as we actually have a Stop Sugar Addiction mp3 Download which goes in to detail about the addictive nature of the substance.

In many cases people who eat too much sugar need a little extra help to reduce the amount of sugar they are consuming and hypnosis is a great way of getting that support. Sugar addiction hypnotherapy can often halt the problem within one to three sessions. In fact it is not unusual for us to use simple suggestion hypnosis with many of our clients and find that within an hour their cravings have gone. You can try this for yourselves by simply downloading our sugar addiction download today and giving it a try.

Stop Sugar Addiction mp3 downloadOf course in some cases the issues with sugar are a bit more complex. For example many people that we see really have problems with stress or hectic lifestyles. In these cases the people concerned are using the sugar in order to boost their energy levels so that they can cope with the sheer amount they have to do each day. The benefit of our Stop Sugar Addiction mp3 download is that is forces you to take time out of your busy schedule so that you go into a state of complete relaxation. The more relaxed you become the more you are reducing your background stress levels which helps you to get your sugar addiction under control.

If the audio is not enough to do the trick then we see clients for one to one sessions and start a program of more interactive hypnosis to see where the sugar addiction may have come from. Generally the issue starts in childhood and then is triggered by emotional situations in adulthood. For example a child eating the sugar when they were lonely to feel happy. If the adult experiences a similar situation then the need for the sugar is triggered again as in childhood the subconscious learned that it gave you a happy feeling. Once we understand the reason for the problem then hypnosis can help you change the way your mind thinks about the problem so it creates a new alternative behaviour.

For more details about our Stop Sugar Addiction Hypnosis Sessions you can simply call us for a free telephone consultation. Alternatively give our Stop Sugar Addiction audio a try and see if it halts your problem in its tracks like many of our satisfied customers.