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If you want to make changes to the way you eat then Weight Loss Hypnotherapy has the ability to transform many clients eating patterns. I am a London Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who specialises in helping my clients to reduce their cravings, increase their willpower and boost their confidence so that they can make the changes needed to help them become slimmer and healthier Weight Loss Hypnosis does not involve expensive supplements, group meetings or faddy diets. Losing weight through hypnosis is in fact a natural way of determining why a person is having difficulty losing weight and then retraining their subconscious to leave their old habits and behaviours behind. By creating a Weight Loss Program that tackles the emotional reasons for your over eating you get to the very heart of your problem so that changes can be made to the way in which you view food.*

Available Slimming Programs

Currently there are two main Weight Loss treatments which are available in our slimming program. The first is the world renowned Hypno-Band Program. The Hypno-Band is frequently written about in the media and has featured on numerous TV shows. This is a Hypnotherapy treatment which makes you believe that you have had a Gastric Band fitted which means you will eat less and lose weight naturally. Martina McKeough is a fully licensed practitioner of this unique program and a fully qualified and accredited Hypnotherapist.*

In addition to the Gastric Hypno-Band Weight Loss System we also offer our Premium Weight Loss Ditch the Diet Treatment. This is a unique program which is individually tailored to suit your needs and is suitable for clients who have additional issues to tackle as well as their weight. Sometimes a one size fits all plan is not appropriate for a client who has unique pressures and stresses in their life therefore we are able to create a treatment program designed especially for you.*

Which Weight Loss Hypnosis treatment should I choose?

Generally the Hypno-Band is ideal for people who do not have physiological reasons for their weight problems and who have a Body Mass Index of 25 or above. The Virtual Gastric Band is generally not recommended for individuals who have insulin dependent diabetes or have thyroid problems which have not been stabilised.

Our premium Weight Loss treatment program has additional flexibility as it is tailored specifically for you and does not have to be completed within a certain time frame. It can be tailored so that additional factors such as stress, depression or anxiety can be dealt with as well as the reasons for your over eating. By resolving these deep rooted issues your emotional reason for over eating can be eradicated so that you can regain control.*

How Many Weight Loss Sessions will I need?

The Hypno-Band treatments consist of five sessions in total each lasting approximately one hour. The sessions are held approximately one to two weeks apart. The entire program should take around 12 weeks. We do not offer one day courses because they do not offer any form of long term support for the client.

The Weight Loss for Life program is a flexible program which is tailored to your needs. The number of sessions depends on the severity of the problems that need to be addressed. An average number of Hypnotherapy sessions to address an issue would be approximately five to eight treatments.

Free Weight Loss Consultations

Before agreeing to take on any client for a course of treatment we always arrange for a free telephone consultation to take place first. This is firstly to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for Weight Loss Hypnosis and also to make sure that you are fully informed about the procedure before you begin. This consultation also allows me to understand your current motivation for losing weight and any medical history that should be taken into account. As this is a consultation we welcome questions from potential clients so that they are entirely comfortable about the hypnotherapy and treatment before they begin.

Fast Weight Loss isn’t the answer

Many people who choose to go on diet programs are impatient for results and because of this they will go on starvation or extreme diets. This is often counterproductive as all it makes them do is feel hungry all the time and leaves them craving food. It can also leave people who are very overweight with lose skin. In addition their metabolisms will begin to slow down and try and cling on to every pound as it doesn’t know where the next meal is coming from. Fast weight loss can also be dangerous especially for those with long term medical problems. The aim of any Weight Loss Hypnosis program is to help you to lose rate at a sensible rate of one or two pounds per week.

Diets don’t Work

Up to 37% of British Women are on a diet all of the time and 8 out of 10 of those dieters will just put back on all the weight that they have lost. If losing weight was as simple as restricting calories and exercising more then the success rates would be much higher. Instead over the short term people may lose weight but in the long term their willpower and motivation starts to fade and they revert back to their old habits. This is why people often spend their lives yo-yo dieting.

Why is Different about Slimming with Hypnosis?

Hypnosis helps you to find the emotional reason why you are choosing to eat too much and this is why it can be such a successful way to lose weight. It allows you to find out if you are eating because of sadness, boredom or stress and then helps to alter your habits on a subconscious level. This means that rather than using food as a comfort blanket or to fill an emotional hole you will learn to recognise your true hunger. This should substantially alter your eating habits meaning you will less and no longer feel the need to eat for the sake of it.*

Does Losing Weight by Hypnotherapy create any side effects?

Weight Loss Hypnosis is a safe and natural treatment. It is not a fad diet which asks you to cut out food groups or dangerously restrict calories. There are also no expensive diet products to purchase or long term maintenance plans to put in place.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program then call today to book your free telephone consultation on

07771 804 974

Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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  • yetunde ogunade


    i would like to have a consultation and then possibly treatment following that consultation.

    what do i need to do?

    • Simply email me from the contact me page on the website or ring 020 8351 2744 and tell my assistants when you are available to talk.
      Generally I have more free time to talk on a Wednesday or a Friday. We will arrange a suitable time for the consultation during which I
      can give you all the other information you need. Best Regards Martina


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